January 5, 2009

Church Experiment #1: Solid Rock Church

What have I gotten myself into?

I began this journey having no idea what to expect. In fact, my biggest fear was showing up to church every week and experiencing nothing. The last thing anyone wants to read is 52 weeks of church reviews.

I had lots of questions Sunday morning. What to wear? What to take with me? Where to sit? Should I take notes or observe? Hide in the balcony or actively participate? Critique or experience? In the end, I decided to just show up and see what happened.

Solid Rock Church (www.solidrockchurch.org) is best known for the huge statue of Touchdown Jesus that faces Interstate 75 just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. There is also a pretty famous song called Big Butter Jesus about the statue. I have passed the church at least a hundred times, mocked the ridiculousness of Touchdown Jesus every time, and thought it would be a good place to begin my experiment. [Ironically, Touchdown Jesus burned down in 2010 after being struck by lightning. Nothing biblically cryptic there, right? Touchdown Jesus was rebuilt as Five-Dollar Footlong Jesus, with the Lord and Savior’s hands spread apart like he’s peddling Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwiches. Google it.]

I was right about beginning my experiment at Solid Rock.

To finish reading about this experience or any of the reflections from my 52 visits, please purchase the full book here.