February 23, 2009

Church Experiment #8: Crossroads

Crossroads (www.crossroads.net) is one of the most seeker-sensitive churches in Cincinnati. Perhaps the country. On their “Explore Crossroads” page, they even ask, “Is this really a church?” (I’ll give you my answer later.) In fact, I am pretty sure they used to be called Crossroads Community Church, but I believe the “Community Church” part was dropped to appeal to more non-Christians. After weeks of visiting churches that felt like exclusive clubs for members only, I wanted to experience a church famous for welcoming newcomers. Also, fifty other churches in Cincinnati joined Crossroads yesterday to begin a six-week journey called “Reset.” It is a series designed to help people examine their presumptions and reset their views of Jesus. (And I got a free book in the deal, so jackpot!)

I had actually been to Crossroads before my visit, but only twice, and it was long before they moved into their new auditorium. Also, Crossroads and my former church have a similar feel, so leading up to this visit, I felt more comfortable than I had all year. I knew what to expect.

Or so I thought.

To finish reading about this experience or any of the reflections from my 52 visits, please purchase the full book here.