April 6, 2009

Church Experiment #14: St. John's Unitarian

I must admit, the only previous experience I’ve had with the Unitarian Church is a joke from The Simpsons. Reverend Lovejoy serves Lisa a bowl of “Unitarian ice cream,” and when she points out the bowl is empty, he says, “Exactly!”


Walking into St. John’s Unitarian Universalist Church (www.stjohnsuu.org)—which, at the time, was right down the street from my apartment—I assumed anything goes in a Unitarian Church. Not that it was filled with a bunch of heathens, but that as long as you believe in some type of god, you’re pretty much good to go. Which I knew would play well in that community. The Gaslight District in Clifton is very liberal and incredibly diverse (which I love). Although my first impressions weren’t completely accurate, what I experienced was pretty close to what I expected.

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