June 1, 2009

Church Experiment #22: First Christian Assembly

After three weeks of intense exploration (Mormon Church, Muslim Mosque, and the LGBTQ church), I was craving something more familiar. I do love experiencing new cultures, but this experiment is also about experiencing God in significant ways, and because of my background, that’s probably less likely to happen in an unfamiliar context.

There is a church near the University of Cincinnati’s campus I have always wanted to visit. I met their lead pastor years ago, and he seemed like a good guy. The church is located off William Howard Taft Road (near UC), so I am constantly passing their building. And recently, a friend mentioned that First Christian Assembly of God (www.peopleschurch.co) played a major role in the lives of a few people I respect. [Quick note that First Christian Assembly of God was renamed Peoples Church in 2012, but I’ll be referring to it as First Christian throughout this chapter.] It was a perfect storm that led me to their front door Sunday morning.

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