June 15, 2009

Church Experiment #24: N. Church of Christ

I really want to quit.

I’m not writing that so a bunch of people beg me to keep going. That’s not my style. I’m not going to quit because actually quitting at this point is just not an option in my world (for multiple, complex reasons). But I really want to.

Mostly, I’m getting bored. Doing anything every week for 52 weeks is draining. I have been a Christian for almost nine years, and I’ve never gone to church 24 weeks in a row. I would love to take a few weeks off, but the subtitle, “48 Churches in 52 Weeks,” would seem silly.

To make matters worse, I spent this weekend at a friend’s lake house, and I’ll be spending the next two weekends in the Outer Banks. It was super annoying leaving the lake house to find a church in Hillsboro, Ohio.

So, if this week’s reflection is grumpy, you have some background information. With that said …

I desperately wanted to find a snake-handling church on this journey. I thought I might be able to track one down near Hillsboro, but it didn’t happen.

The next best option was to locate the smallest, scariest looking church I could find and hope they at least handled nightcrawlers.

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