June 29, 2009

Church Experiment #26: Duck Methodist Church

I found one of my favorite churches this week.

As I mentioned last week, Liz and I traveled home from North Carolina on Sunday, so in order to make the trip less stressful, I decided this week’s church visit would happen Wednesday night at Duck Methodist Church (www.duckchurch.org) in the Outer Banks.

And what a night!

The service can be broken into three distinct parts: The music, the message, and the details. Let’s get the details out of the way.

I originally chose Duck Methodist because their building is on the sound (sorta like being on the beach), and I thought we might get a glimpse of the sunset as we worshipped. Unfortunately, they didn’t use their main sanctuary (which Liz and I snuck into after the service; very cool room). Instead, the Wednesday evening service took place in a rec room type of area.

We were greeted outside by the pastor and inside by an official greeter. Both men were very friendly. Immediately, I could tell the atmosphere was much more laid back than what I am used to. Maybe that had something to do with being in a vacation spot; maybe it was simply the nature of a midweek service. Either way, I loved it.

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