July 20, 2009

Church Experiment #29: Montgomery Community

This week, I chose Montgomery Community Church (www.mcc.us) because I attended a couple of years ago (an old friend—and someone I deeply admire—was on staff), and I enjoyed my previous experience. It had a very “Vineyardy” feel to it. Also, I needed a Saturday night service because a friend of mine was getting baptized Sunday at a church I already visited, and MCC is one of the few churches in Cincinnati that meets Saturday evenings.

First, I must say, Montgomery Community Church frustrated me before I ever stepped through their doors. One thing I always try to do when I select churches is visit them on a good day, meaning I look for a sermon series that seems interesting and try very hard to attend when the lead pastor is speaking. If a church doesn’t have a website, no big deal, but MCC does. It just wasn’t updated this week, so I had no idea what the message was going to be or who would be speaking. I wanted to get MCC at its best and that simply didn’t happen Saturday evening.

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