August 10, 2009

Church Experiment #32: Mennonite Fellowship

This week is going to be a little different. In a divine act of coincidence, Sunday’s visit to Cincinnati Mennonite Fellowship ( aligned perfectly with my experience the previous week at Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit. Because everything lined up so perfectly, I’m going to discuss both.

My only previous experience with Mennonites involved a home I lived in for almost three years. A different Mennonite Fellowship in Cincinnati sold that house to two of my friends. (In fact, when my friends purchased the property, they were given a sweet deal because the Mennonites were excited to see the home passed to a group of people wanting to positively impact their community.) The house was huge, so after we renovated it, a group of us moved in and split costs. The Mennonites called it the Peace House. We renamed it the Piece House.

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