September 28, 2009

Church Experiment #39: Zion Temple Pentecostal

I knew Zion Temple First Pentecostal Church ( was going to be outside of my comfort zone (most weeks of this experiment have been), but I have been concerned that my visits are actually fanning the flames of bitterness and resentment I feel toward other Christians. That was not one of my original goals. I figured a Pentecostal church is about as far away from my personal ideology as I can get, so this Sunday was sort of a test. Am I really maturing through this process? Is God really softening my heart? Or am I just full of hot air?

I knew Zion Temple was a predominantly black church before I arrived, but I didn’t realize I would literally be the only white person in attendance (I estimated there were about two hundred people total). That didn’t bother me, but I definitely stood out, which made me feel like everyone was watching me, which made it a little awkward. I encourage all church leaders reading this book to visit a church way outside of your comfort zone at least once a year to remind yourself how newcomers feel when they walk into your building.

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