December 7, 2009

Church Experiment #49: Thinplace and Maproom

I’m concerned. A little over nine years into my faith journey, I’m afraid I can no longer connect with God in a supernatural way.

Sunday evening, I decided to attend an event at Taza Coffee Shop in Clifton called (Thinplace and) Maproom. I went because I knew the event would be experiential. No message or choir. No tithing or announcements. Simply an environment to experience God. Something I desperately needed.

I walked in and found low lighting and peaceful music playing in the background. Throughout the building, there were a dozen stations set up, all involving a unique meditative experience. A handful of people were wandering around the first floor and a couple more were upstairs. I made my way from station to station (these were all individual activities). Some were pretty cool. Some weren’t my cup of tea. I participated in about half of the exercises.

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