December 28, 2009

Church Experiment #52: Old St. Mary's Church

Wow. This is it. Almost one year ago, I walked into Solid Rock Church to begin this journey. Today, I write my final reflection about Old St. Mary’s Church (

I put a lot of pressure on myself to end the Church Experiment with a bang. The finale always has to be bigger and better than the opening act, right?

The weekend of my final visit, I decided that mentality was silly. In an effort to purposefully create an anti-climatic experience, I chose a simple, gorgeous Catholic church in downtown Cincinnati (more specifically, Over-the-Rhine).

I love old churches in big downtowns. There’s something about knowing that people worshipped God in those same pews hundreds of years ago that is awe-inspiring. I can’t imagine what it must be like to attend church in European cities. So much history. Residents in Cincinnati are lucky to have many amazing churches in our city. I recommend checking them out.

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