October 26, 2009

Church Experiment #43: Virtual Church

I have been trying to follow God’s lead during this experiment. This week, a handful of coincidences led me to Virtual Church (www.virtualchurch.com).

First, Jim Henderson (from Off the Map) commented about Virtual Church on his Facebook page. Next, my friend Aaron emailed me about the church. Then, I had a conversation with my friends, Jason and Bradley, about spiritual miracles and wonders (healings, God giving people gold teeth, jewels falling from the sky, people being covered in gold dust, etc.).

So, I decided God might have a message for me at Virtual Church. Because a strange path led me to their virtual doors, I expected my experience to directly address our “miracles and wonders” conversation from Saturday.

Before we get there, I’ll pause to explain Virtual Church.

There is a church in Atlanta, Georgia, called The Ark of Salvation. That church has created a website where people can experience “virtual church.” Basically, you go to the site and pray, “God, please send me exactly what I need,” click on a Start Service button, and sit back to enjoy approximately forty minutes of a church buffet.

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