November 2, 2009

Church Experiment #44: Mason Vineyard

I write this week with a heavy heart.

I am confused, angry, and in shock.

Saturday, October 31, 2009, Charlie Matthews passed away. Charlie was the lead pastor at Mason Vineyard Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. [I think Mason Vineyard has closed. The website no longer exists, and although the lead pastor’s LinkedIn profile still says he works at Mason Vineyard, I can’t seem to find any online presence for the church.] Charlie served in various roles at Vineyard Community Church for many years. One of those roles was Director of Alpha. I was a speaker at Alpha. While in that position, I worked with Charlie for over a year.

But I knew Charlie long before that. He was a star volunteer many years ago when my ex-girlfriend helped lead outreach at the Vineyard. That was Charlie—he loved the church; he loved people; he loved serving.

I was incredibly conflicted this week. I had planned on visiting Mason Vineyard before hearing the news. Charlie had been sick for about a month, and I was curious how a relatively new church was functioning without its leader. But I also didn’t want to exploit Charlie’s tragic death. No matter where I ended up, I knew my thoughts would be with Charlie, his family, and the Mason Vineyard.

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